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Here you can download "AgnPrint" and "AgnClean" for EPOC as freeware.
to AgnClean
It´s a small program for printing agenda files in a list view, very similar to the original print function which does not work very well on my devices.
If you face the same problem, you may find this program very useful.
In addition it has some more features:
-Choice of font height and style.
-Handling of Symbols
-Search function
-Printing into text file
I tested it on a Serie 5 mx pro and a revo plus.
The current version 1.04 prints also anniversaries, but sometimes they are printed more than once. I could not fix this, so please send e-mail about it only if you know a solution ;-)
The program saves all user settings to make repeated print tasks like "one year from today" more comfortable.
Nevertheless there are some restrictions resulting from the used Agenda2.OPX, so please read the ReadMe-file.

Here is the program as EPOC-Install file: Download AgnPrint.zip
Have fun with AgnPrint!
Find more projects from me at: www.frankfiedler.de.
Here are some Screenshots: